Microsoft Office 365 Rolls out All Emails Directly in the Spam folder

A demon within the spam filters in Microsoft’s Office 365 recently made the cloud-based co-operation to add all incoming emails to the junk folder. The US IT administrators and users openly complained about related problems that all of their Office 365 emails were continuously evaluating received messages as spam and filtering them out of view by sending them in spam folder along with actual junk mail.

Yesterday, Microsoft announced it had fixed the issues and was occupied sorting up the junk mails. With this, Microsoft Corporation also added that they have approached uncovered issues and affected emails that are being filtered into the right folder, the reason came up to the public via an online resource. Meanwhile, hold up this precious opportunity to practice “emails must have been rolled into the spam folder by accident” as a truly feasible explanation for ignoring a note. Now the conscience is  huge as Microsoft Office 365 is being questioned on social media about this big problem.

However, people’s reaction on this is natural as the pay to get the subscription. The auto filtering of mails could lead to security problems as well. This is now leading the problem to a new direction as it is creating the doubt on spam/phishing filtering probably junking genuine items, together with existing items. Users are now reporting incoming emails to be flagged as Spam by Microsoft and passed to user’s Junk email folders.

With such oversights, It was noted to be a hard week for web-mail services. While covering the Gmail, users have been complaining for times that spammers are swamping their emails, which were supposed to be received in their inbox, with spoofed-header emails that appear as bring from the users themselves, by saving copies of the spam to the users’ sent or outbox mail folders.

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